Market News

30 Mar: Market News – March 30 2016

After a 6 month investigation into the global oil industry it was revealed that billions of dollars of government contracts were awarded as the direct result of bribes paid on behalf of companies including Halliburton, its former subsidiary KBR, Rolls-Royce and Samsung. They counted on Unaoil to funnel the bribes and to secure lucrative contracts in Iraq, Kazakhstan, Libya, Syria, Tunisia, and other countries in Africa, the Middle East, and the former Soviet Union.

Economic Data

18 Mar: How To Read Economic Data

We want to fill a gap here. A lot of economic data is published day in and day out but yet most of us don’t really understand the lingo behind it. Let’s bring some clarity into this. Regularly we come across certain terms dealing with measures of economic activity. Most of them are pretty straight forward if you give it a chance.

Employment Situation Report

13 Mar: Analyzing Economic Indicators

Why is the employment situation report an important economic indicator and how do we interpret the report to get clues on the strength of the Economy. Its important to look at the different parts of the report and anlyze the different key data points to get an insight into how specific industries are perfoming.

economic indicators

13 Mar: Most Important Economic Indicators

What are the most important economic indicators and how you can use them in your day to day trading ventures. How are markets reacting to certain indicators and which of them are those that really matter.The following article shows you the economic indicators that track the health of the U.S. Economy and how the numbers should be interpreted when trying to come up with meaningful conclusions about the current state of the economy.

Pit Trading

10 Mar: History of Pit Trading

The CME shuttered all pit trading activity after almost 170 years. And with it died the pit trader  a very stressful but lucrative job characterized by harsh competition, frenetic screaming and hand signaling among men exchanging billions of dollars worth of commodities per day. Let’s go back in history to remind us how it was back then before everybody started to hide behind a computer screen.