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Company Purpose

Optimize Your Trading Strategy with Milton Financial Market Research Institute

Elevate your trading performance with the Milton Financial Market Research Institute, a premier provider of innovative trading systems and market research. Our experienced professionals deliver in-depth historical simulations and research, supported by years of expertise in systematic trading for private and institutional investors.

Meet Our Distinguished Team of Trading Experts

Our team consists of industry-leading experts specializing in computer programming, trading strategy development, portfolio construction, and hedge fund management. Together, they collaborate to equip you with the essential knowledge, tools, and insights for achieving success in the competitive financial markets.

Collaborative Partnerships with Academic Research Institutions for Cutting-Edge Research

The Milton Financial Market Research Institute is committed to fostering long-term, collaborative relationships with renowned academic research institutions. These strategic partnerships enable us to expand our reach, enhance our market research capabilities, and provide tailored services that cater to the unique requirements of individuals, institutions, and corporations in the trading industry.

Experience Cutting-Edge Quantitative Trading Strategies with Our Expertise

Discover the power of state-of-the-art quantitative trading strategies with our industry-leading expertise. We are renowned for challenging conventional approaches, scrutinizing their validity, and pushing the boundaries of established methods in the trading world.

Experience Enhanced Trading Strategies with Our Comprehensive Research Approach

Our research approach is essential for the development and improvement of quantitative models, focusing on rigorous idea generation and refinement of existing frameworks. Benefit from our thorough research methodology to optimize your trading strategies.

Our work encompasses a broad range of techniques, including systematic experimentation, in-depth statistical analysis, advanced machine learning algorithms, and the development of sophisticated algorithmic trading strategies, providing a well-rounded approach to optimizing your trading performance.

Institutional grade strategy development

We give asset managers a key source of ideas, themes and research from a systematic viewpoint. Custom research services often provide bespoke market, asset, stock, and trading model evaluation as well.

Our models are constructed mini-components to solve different problems in quantitative finance by using tools from probability, stochastic analysis, optimization, and statistics. In a final step these components are united all-in-one to construct a real-time algorithmic trading strategy.

Wealth Managers and Advisors

Professional wealth managers find value in our risk analysis framework, and in our proven independent source of systematic perspectives to enhance advice and recommendations to clients.

Our approach

We provide systems design, development, and deployment for the algorithmic trading needs of asset managers, hedge funds and proprietary trading firms. Our core competencies include quantitative strategy design, systematic trading and risk management.

We can leverage the development staff of our strategic partners depending on client preference. Our clients also have the option of licensing our source code.

Our focus lies on ML for development, testing and implementation of algorithmic trading strategies:

  • Mapping the problem on a general landscape of available ML methods, statistical and mathematical models.
  • Choosing the approach that would be most appropriate.
  • Implementing the solution and assessing its performance.
  • Refinement and evolution.



  • Data preparation and filtering.
  • Formulate strategy.
  • Choose prediction algorithms. Signal construction and testing.
  • Preliminary multi market and multi time frame testing.
  • Modeling order execution. Balance market impact and alpha decay.


  • Achievement of peak performance.
  • Evaluation of robustness.
  • Adapting to changing market conditions with model stress testing.
  • Numerical optimization and risk management.
  • Bootstrap estimation of error in risk-return ratios. Fat tail risk hedging.


Clients at the center of everything we do

Our priority is to offer solutions that align with clients’ strategic interests.

We work with our clients our knowledge and experience of them develops. This really does lead to us being an extended part of their team.

Disciplined entrepreneurship

Our clients are equipped with quant strategies placing them well ahead of the market.

We use state of the art machine learning algorithms, statistical and mathematical models ensuring a competitive advantage for our clients.

For institutional clients

We provide portfolio management services that use algorithms and statistics to automatically establish and manage investment portfolios.

Attention to detail

We drive our mission through a culture of excellence: constantly improving and continuously learning.