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Milton Financial Market Research Institute LLC helps investment professionals make better decisions with unbiased, insightful and risk appropriate market and global economic data and analysis. In 2016, Milton Financial Market Research Institute a new investment research group was founded  based on our fundamental belief that making money was more important than being right. This believe drove a passion for analysis and the market and allowed us to evolve to be one of the leading investment research providers for activist investments

in the market. Today we are widely recognized for concise commentary and unbiased views. We offer investors insight into forces driving the markets. Our approach combines both fundamental and quantitative research disciplines. Actionable ideas meet our unique approach to the markets. We strive to identify new investment opportunities, the Institute explores how changing asset allocation in the hedge fund community are driving investment flows. As an independent investment research and information provider, at Milton Financial Market Research

Institute LLC we take our role in capital markets very seriously.  Producing the kind of reports and analysis that people can rely on informs our analytical approach to all of our work here. We are the first to say we can’t guarantee to always get it right.  But we do our very best. Beholden to no one, we follow the research where it leads us, without fear or favor.  We are indifferent to what a company makes, sells, does, or who is running it. We are the go-to source for trade ideas and activist investments.

Michael Burry Investment Strategy
In this forgotten article, which Michael Burry wrote in 2000, Burry describes his investment strategy (+case studies). Sign up and download a copy of Michael Burry's article right now, for FREE!
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