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Activist Investors

Know what the smartest activist investors are buying and selling. See the bigger picture and invest in money making stocks.

Trade Alerts & Setups

We constantly monitor the most important sec filings for you. Be the first to buy into new and profitable trading opportunities.

Actionable Research

Know what to buy and sell 3x quicker than average investors. Get an advantage with trade setups and trade alerts right into your inbox.

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You can ask us any market related questions. We pride ourselves on being accessible, transparent, honest and knowledgeable.



Frequently Asked Questions

Our Hedge fund replication strategies benefit investors who would like access to the sophisticated strategies employed and the returns generated by hedge funds without the negative aspects of high fees, minimum investment size (often $1 million), and investment lock-up periods.

Due to our unique smart beta approach and algorithm we are able to even increase the performance despite the fact that our data is backward-looking. We analyze each position individually to further boost the performance.

Activist investors conduct comprehensive research and analysis of the target company. Obviously, the resources they invest into this task are significant and are not available to a lot of institutional investors. In order to achieve good returns its not enough to just mimic them that’s why we dive deeper into the valuation thesis. Activist investors and the companies they target are just the starting point of our research.

Currently we are tracking well over 4000 hedge funds.

Our hedge fund newsletter publication is published quarterly and it includes in depth research on 30 different hedge fund managers with consensus buy/sell lists. Have a look at our previous reports to get a better feeling what this is all about.

Currently we have four different strategies and a total of 200 hedge funds that we consider for portfolio construction.

Our quarterly subscription comes with a 30-day free trial and you can cancel any time during the trial period at no cost.

Yes ! Client support is very important to us and absolutely vital for our organization. If you have any questions related to our analysis we are here to help and to answer your questions.


Our strategies use smart beta and are rotated on a quarterly basis.
We replicate the best funds with our proprietary algorithm.
We are fine tuning the strategies to achieve the desired results.
Frequent rotation eliminates managers that are underperforming.
Total Return
Hedge Fund Strategy Replication



S&P 500 Index


Our research provides you with the specific market inside to multiply your capital many times.

Rock-Solid Research

We highlight where funds are increasing their positions and which markets are currently trending. Quickly discover trade ideas of the world’s smartest investing minds and leverage this knowledge to your advantage.

The most important role activist funds play is the promotion of shareholders’ interests. They often propose strategic, operational and financial changes at companies. Rather then just tracking them we are trying to understand their investment thesis and present you only those ideas that offer the best risk/reward ratio.

Our in-house database offers a comprehensive overview of all the 13F Statistics, Number of Filers Increasing/Decreasing Their Position In A Particualr Stock, Top Holdings By Filer Count, Changes By Sector and Top Stock Holdings By Value.

get trade alerts

We focus on stocks and investments with a catalyst to unlock value. Catalysts are revelations or events that propels the price of a stock. All of our ideas are stress-tested, meaning you’re getting intel that money cannot buy.

Special situations. A special situation refers to particular circumstances involving a security or stock that compels investors to invest based on the special situation. For example March 2016 U.S. Imposes 266% Duty on Some Chinese Steel Imports. Long United States Steel Corporation(X) on March 2016 – Exit December 2016: Gain +400%. Did you catch that trend ? We did.

We also encourage our subscribers to send us their individual questions and discuss the current market situation. Our goal is to enable you to increase your knowledge and investing sophistication.

who subscribes

Media Companies

looking for story ideas and to stay in the know when it comes to shareholder activism and activist hedge fund trends.

Investment Banks

get alerts on new campaigns and investment trends so you can offer your services in connection with a review of strategic alternatives. Research specific hedge funds and their trading strategies. Make better investment decisions.

Hedge Funds

that are looking for trade idea generation help. This includes event-driven funds and asset firms that are looking to piggyback activists or find the next activist target.

Equity Research Analysts

that want to monitor trends in specific industries and recommend what stocks investors should buy or sell and provide reliable research.

Investors and Traders

who want to review hedge fund positions to inform your decision on whether you should take a short position yourself or take the other side. Generate new short/long ideas and increase trading profits.

Thoughts from our members

Olivier De Vries
Global Markets: Macro Trader

The Institute is constantly doing in-depth analysis of new and existing ideas as new information becomes available. I am impressed by the depth of knowledge and research capabilities.

Mark Peterson
Portfolio Manager

The most precise way I can describe my decision to sign up for the service is: I wish I had signed up much sooner. There are so many false narratives and mis-informed opinions in the media. Its very easy even for professional investors to have the wrong idea about the markets. The Institute’s service cuts through all of the noise, to give you the information you need to make the smart choices when it comes to your investments.

Chris Bennett
Retail Investor

Exceptional analysis. Super prompt and intelligent response to subscribers questions. The Institute helps me identify stocks which produces returns beyond the subscription cost.

Andreas Bachman
Financial Analyst

Their service provides more bang for your buck than any other service I have ever used. The research quality is superb, and the feedback prompt and highly instructive. I think of it as the ultimate value investment within the research subscription opportunity space. So far they have been fairly accurate.


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