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We illustrate our experience using the Bloomberg terminal in an equity-focused analysis. Our goal is to enable users inexperienced with the terminal to do a proper analysis. We identify the most significant challenges we face and provide a useful bloomberg cheat sheet.

Business Summary
DES: Description Company’s Background Information
HH: Hoover’s Handbook Company’s Background Information
FA: Financial Analysis Fiscal Year Revenues
Economic and Industry Trends
ECFC: Growth Rates Real GDP Growth
ECOW: Economic Data Watch Country Specific Macro Info
BI: Bloomberg Industries Industry Trends
CN: All News News Search on Specific Stock
NSE: News Search News Search on Industry
DDM: Dividend Discount Model Calculation of intrinsic value
DVD: Dividend/Split Summary Historical Dividends/Splits
BI: Bloomberg Industries Industry Trends
FA CF: Cash Flow Analysis Estimate of Free Cash Flow
BETA: Beta Calculations Estimate Adjusted Beta
WACC: Weighted Av. Cost of Capital Obtain Risk-free Rate
Company Overview
CF Company Filings
HH Hoover’s Handbook
CRPR Credit Profile
MGHL Management Holdings
DES Description
OWN Ownership Summary
DVD Dividend/Split Summary
RSKC Company Risk
GPTR Insider Transactions
Company Analysis
BETA Beta Calculations
FA Financial Analysis
DDM Dividend Discount Model
WACC Weighted Average Cost of Capital
Research & Estimate
ANR Analyst Recommendations
EE Earnings Estimates
CN All News/Research
SURP Surprise Analysis
Comparative Analysis
COMP Comparative Total Returns
RV Relative Value
PC Peer Correlation
RVR Relative Value Ranking
Charting & Reporting
FG Fundamentals Graph
HP Price Table w/Avg Daily Volume
GIP Intraday Price Graph
IGPO Intraday Bar Graph
GP Price Graph w/Volume
TECH Technical Study Browser
GPO Price Bar Graph w/ Moving Avg
Security Surveillance
BQ Bloomberg Quote
QR Trade Recap
EVT Event Calendar
LITI Company Litigation Summary
Economic Analysis Functions
ECFC Economic Forecasts
ECST World Economic Statistics
ECO World Economic Calendar
FED Federal Reserve Portal
ECOF Economic Data Finder
FOMC FOMC Activities
ECOW Economic Data Watch
Portfolio Construction
ALPM Alpha Menu
PBEN Portfolio Benchmarks
PLST Portfolio List
PDIS Portfolio Distribution
PRTU Creating and Updating Portfolios
PTT Portfolio Trade Ticket
PFST Portfolio Update
Ongoing Management
EVTS Event Calendar
PDSP Portfolio Display
NPH Portfolio News and Research Headlines
PRT Equity Portfolio Real Time Monitor
Performance Reporting
PDVD Portfolio Dividend/Split Report
PSD Portfolio Slice and Dice
PREP Portfolio Distribution Reports
PVAR Portfolio Value at Risk
PRPT Custom Report Writer
RPT Retrieve and Monitor Reports
Performance Evaluation
BBAC Bloomberg Portfolio
HPA Historical Portfolio Analysis
BBAT Performance Attribution
LRSK Liquidity Risk
BRSK Bloomberg Market Risk Platform
RSKF Portfolio Risk based on Factor
FSTA Fund Style Analysis Model
HFA Historical Fund Analysis

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