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We illustrate our experience using the Bloomberg terminal in an equity-focused analysis. Our goal is to enable users inexperienced with the terminal to do a proper analysis. We identify the most significant challenges we face and provide a useful bloomberg cheat sheet.

Business Summary
DES: DescriptionCompany’s Background Information
HH: Hoover’s HandbookCompany’s Background Information
FA: Financial AnalysisFiscal Year Revenues
Economic and Industry Trends
ECFC: Growth RatesReal GDP Growth
ECOW: Economic Data WatchCountry Specific Macro Info
BI: Bloomberg IndustriesIndustry Trends
CN: All NewsNews Search on Specific Stock
NSE: News SearchNews Search on Industry
DDM: Dividend Discount ModelCalculation of intrinsic value
DVD: Dividend/Split SummaryHistorical Dividends/Splits
BI: Bloomberg IndustriesIndustry Trends
FA CF: Cash Flow AnalysisEstimate of Free Cash Flow
BETA: Beta CalculationsEstimate Adjusted Beta
WACC: Weighted Av. Cost of CapitalObtain Risk-free Rate
Company Overview
CFCompany Filings
HHHoover’s Handbook
CRPRCredit Profile
MGHLManagement Holdings
OWNOwnership Summary
DVDDividend/Split Summary
RSKCCompany Risk
GPTRInsider Transactions
Company Analysis
BETABeta Calculations
FAFinancial Analysis
DDMDividend Discount Model
WACCWeighted Average Cost of Capital
Research & Estimate
ANRAnalyst Recommendations
EEEarnings Estimates
CNAll News/Research
SURPSurprise Analysis
Comparative Analysis
COMPComparative Total Returns
RVRelative Value
PCPeer Correlation
RVRRelative Value Ranking
Charting & Reporting
FGFundamentals Graph
HPPrice Table w/Avg Daily Volume
GIPIntraday Price Graph
IGPOIntraday Bar Graph
GPPrice Graph w/Volume
TECHTechnical Study Browser
GPOPrice Bar Graph w/ Moving Avg
Security Surveillance
BQBloomberg Quote
QRTrade Recap
EVTEvent Calendar
LITICompany Litigation Summary
Economic Analysis Functions
ECFCEconomic Forecasts
ECSTWorld Economic Statistics
ECOWorld Economic Calendar
FEDFederal Reserve Portal
ECOFEconomic Data Finder
FOMCFOMC Activities
ECOWEconomic Data Watch
Portfolio Construction
ALPMAlpha Menu
PBENPortfolio Benchmarks
PLSTPortfolio List
PDISPortfolio Distribution
PRTUCreating and Updating Portfolios
PTTPortfolio Trade Ticket
PFSTPortfolio Update
Ongoing Management
EVTSEvent Calendar
PDSPPortfolio Display
NPHPortfolio News and Research Headlines
PRTEquity Portfolio Real Time Monitor
Performance Reporting
PDVDPortfolio Dividend/Split Report
PSDPortfolio Slice and Dice
PREPPortfolio Distribution Reports
PVARPortfolio Value at Risk
PRPTCustom Report Writer
RPTRetrieve and Monitor Reports
ShortcutBroad Market ScreensUses
WEIWorld Equity Indices  Allows you to monitor and compare real-time price and volume data for the world’s equity indices.
WPEWorld P/EAllows you monitor and analyze key fundamental ratios, such as price/earnings, across major equity indices and compare intra-day index level ratios against analyst estimates and other regions.
ECO CACanadian (& U.S.) Economic ReleasesEconomic calendars of real-time and upcoming economic releases, commodity, government, central bank and industry data, and events.
ECSTEconomic Statistics by CountryProvides economic data with organization and context and allows to analyze multiple datasets using graphical and table formats.
MOVIndex & Industry Group MoversShows stocks that drive the movement of a selected index or other equity group.
MAMerger/Acquisition DatabaseAllows tracking and analyzing mergers and acquisitions data in real time and easily filter for deals by a range of dimensions, such as deal type, size, and adviser. Also allows finding deal-level data. Additionally, allows searching for comparable transactions.
WFXCross Currency Rate MonitorsGives an overview of currency rates in real time, also provides information on pricing hours for better monitoring.
FXCCurrency Rates MatrixAllows monitoring cross currency spot, forward, and fixing rates.
RATCRating Revisions MonitorDisplays a list of current and historical credit ratings for up to 10,000 issuers, allowing to track upgrades, downgrades, and other moves that reflect the issuer’s fiscal strength and degree of risk.
BTMMInterest Rates & the Bond MarketShows all major rates, securities, and economic releases for a selected country.
USSWTreasury I Swaps Monitor pagesProvides current interest rate swap rates, along with government, agency, index, LIBOR, and futures markets rates, plus economic statistics.
FITFixed Income TradingFixed income electronic trading platform for U.S. rates and a broad set of global sovereign debt.
WBWorld Bond MarketsMonitor and chart sovereign bond yields, spreads, and historical performance on one screen, along with current yields, spreads and current rates’ statistical deviation from averages.
CDRMarkets CalendarShows when markets are open/closed and when they are operating on a partial day schedule.
MMRMoney Market/LIBOR RatesDisplays a menu of real-time global money market rate monitors for comparison against composite prices, third party prices, and electronic trading prices.
SRCHCorp/Govt/Convert Bond SearchCreate customized lists of loans, government and corporate bonds, structured notes, municipal bonds, and preferred securities from the Bloomberg database.
CRVFAll  Yield  Curves – Treas/Muni/CorpAllows to search for curves, filtering by asset class, and country/region and/or sector.
PICKMuni OfferingsMonitor U.S. municipal bond market offerings, bids wanted, and reported transactions in one place.
ShortcutToday’s MarketsUses
GIPIntraday Price Graph – up to 240 daysVisual time series analysis tool used to evaluate a security’s intraday price trends for a period of up to 240 days.
QRTime/Sales  (Quote Recap)QR displays a quote-by-quote and trade-by-trade history for a selected equity.
BQCustomizable  Company  OverviewPovides detailed quotes, valuation and earnings ratios, peer activity, consensus forecasts, past performance trends, and related news headlines for an equity, equity option, or fund.
BASBroker Activity SummaryProvides broker activity summaries for exchanges, preferreds, equities, commodities, futures, warrants, REITs, funds, ETFs, and bonds.
AQRAverage Quote RecapDisplays the Top Trades in the Price and Volume Dashboard (VWAP) function.
VAPVolume At PriceDisplays the Volume at Price tab in the Price and Volume Dashboard (VWAP) function.
TSMTrade Summary MatrixDisplays the Trade Summary Matrix tab in the Price and Volume Dashboard (VWAP) function.
OMONCustomizable Option MonitorProvides real-time pricing, market data, and derived data for exchange-traded call and put options for a selected underlying security in a customizable screen.
ShortcutIndex AnalysisUses
TRAYTotal ReturnDisplays the simple, annualized, and semi-annualized price appreciation of an index for 20 different time periods.
MOVIndex MoversAllows analysis of the stocks that drive the movement of a selected index or other equity group.
MRRMember ReturnsRanks the members of an equity index, basket, or portfolio by price appreciation or total return.
MEMBMember WeightsDisplays the members of an index and its current weightings, along with shares and price performance.

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