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We cut through the noise. Our clients ranging from major investment banks to professional traders value the strategic benefits resulting from the breadth, depth, and quality of our analysis. From portfolio managers to analysts and everyone in between, the Institute delivers a solution for you. Our research is actionable and covers the major futures and stock markets around the world.

Sentiment Analysis

While you can use our signals any way you want, the Sentiment Indicator is designed to be used to identify market extremes and signals potential market turns. Our data is collected from professional brokerage firms and investment advisors.

Equity Research

Our research offers comprehensive coverage of the U.S. & European stock markets. Our ideas are actionable, independent and will give you a complete investment picture alongside with proper risk management implementation.

Computer Algorithm

We have created a computer model that is based on the notion of repeating patterns. Our models incorporate statistical analysis filtering through the market noise and finding the most reliable market patterns combined with seasonal analysis and volatility calculations.

Our Approach

Our analysis is not a one-way “Autobahn” and neither is the stock market therefore our core philosophy is that we adjust to prevailing market conditions. We aim to use the best possible tools depending on the state of the market and this means a combination of fundamental and quantitative analysis. Every methodology that is applied has its right to exist as long as it generates alpha.

We present long and short investment candidates in equities as well as in-house developed algorithms covering the major futures markets. The Daily Sentiment Report includes sentiment indicators along with updates on indicator extremes.



Fund Position Reporting

We are tracking over two hundred managers ranging from investment advisors to hedge funds. Through our performance measures we are filtering out the best performing managers giving us valuable insight when it comes to sector rotation strategies and the proper timing of trade entries. The 13F/(13D/13G) filers are ranked and scored against each other.

Our analysis allows us to see which stocks are most commonly held by a selected group of funds and how concentrated the holdings are regarding the specific sector.


About Us

We are a group of professional traders and quants serving the trading community. The Institute has the goal to provide traders and investors with keen research and analysis. We focus our full efforts on researching the markets for you so that you can see how deep the rabbit hole goes and make informed investment decisions.

Our research is a key source of ideas, strategies and macroeconomic analysis both from a discretionary and systematic viewpoint.

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