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Benefit from our research: automated trading strategies, indicators and market insight.
Frequently Asked Questions & Answers
  • What’s this all about ? Members get access to automated trading strategies, algorithms, indicators, strategy code and trading systems.
  • Whats in it for me ? Get a constant stream of new automated trading systems that you can add to your trading arsenal. Learn how to trade the markets and implement new ideas. Increase your profits and leverage your skillset to the next level.
  • Where can you use this ? We are designing new strategies across every asset class. New systems  are developed for futures markets, stocks, bonds and currencies.
  • Are the strategies difficult to implement ? No, they are easy to implement and understand. All our research can be utilized by financial experts and financial neophytes. Our approach to trading system design is simplicity and effectiveness.
  • Why our research is not available anywhere else ? Of course there are experts in this field who are even better in system design then we are. We are not here to deny this. However there is not a single source on the internet that will give away actual trading systems that work without a huge financial commitment from you.
  • Why do you share your knowledge across ? We want to allow others to benefit from it, contrast it, challenge it and reframe it. We want to share what we know with others, so that our and your learning curve never becomes flat. 
who subscribes
  • Individual Investors looking for new trading strategies, indicators and market research to enhance their knowledge about financial markets.
  • Academics who want to stay in the know about new industry trends and get new input to conduct further research
  • Quants looking for trade idea generation help and automated trading strategies. This includes quant funds and asset firms that are looking for the next trading system. Research specific strategies and increase development speed of new systems.
  • Algo Developers at big banks that are looking to find new clients or offer their services.
  • Researchers and Practitioners who want to build stronger and more rigorous conceptual and theoretical models for more profitable trading strategies. Researchers who want to fill the gap between theoretical knowledge about financial tools and econometric theories into working systems and strategies.
  • Traders that want ways to monetize trading strategies, gain more market insight and use custom built indicators not available anywhere else. Members have access to our complete material and can further their knowledge in this field.
  • Media companies looking for story ideas and to stay up to date when it comes to new computerized trading methods and trading strategies.
Milton Trading Strategies

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  • Computerized Trading Methods, Trading Strategies and Indicators (monthly publication)
    *Minimum 3 month subscription
  Selected Research and Strategies


Our members have the opportunity to become contributors. We are always looking out for talented and dedicated people in the field of system development. Now you are given the opportunity to profit from your research efforts. Are you running your own blog, publish articles on other websites or academic research platforms like Elsevier ? Then what about generating an income stream from it . If your research gets published in our monthly publication we pay $500 upwards per article. Contributors earn for every article that gets published $7 for every member viewing your article. Only premium articles (articles that are exclusive to Milton Financial Market Research Institute LLC) are eligible for these payments. The Institute will also run periodic contests with rewards of up to $5,000 for the best research articles published. Want to know more details ? Don’t hesitate to contact us via email.