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  • Follow the best hedge fund managers
  • Replicate their strategies
  • Consistently outperform the S&P500 Index
  • +2200% gain since inception
  • We track prominent investors with updates on what they’re buying/selling and why
  • Receive timely alerts on trending stocks
  • Activist Short Analysis

  • 13 F snapshot of holdings
  • 13 D/13 G filed within 10 days
  • Form D
  • Forms 3,4,5 insider transactions
  • N-SAR
  • 8-K used by public companies
  • Reading Hedge Fund Letters
  • Analyzing individual Hedge Fund Perfomance
  • Reporting on Top Hedge Fund Managers
  • Tracking their positions
  • Statistics on over 3000 stocks
  • Equity analysis on stocks they buy/sell
  • Quarterly Newsletter with in depth research
  • Replicating top hedge funds
  • Finding funds with low turnover rate
  • Long term investment horizon
  • Consistently outperform the S&P 500
  • Global Macro
  • Value Investing
  • Event Driven
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institutional investors

Banks, hedge funds, insurance companies, registered investment advisers, CTAs, mutual funds, endowments and pension plans . Two sub-accounts for your employees are included.

Why we follow leading fund managers
  • One of the great – yet underrated ways to consistently outperform the broader stock market is to follow leading hedge fund managers with a low turnover rate. These leading hedge funds in an effort to unlock shareholder value buy a stake in a company and then pressure or work with the company to take steps to unlock shareholder value. By advocating change and using investment techniques unknown by most professional investors these traders manage to significantly outperform not only the broader stock market but 90% of their competition.
  • To back up our view, Economists cited a study that has become a focal point of the debate over the merits of activist investing. First published by Harvard Law Professor (and corporate governance guru) Lucian Bebchuk and two colleagues, the paper claims to be the first to look at the long-term effects of hedge fund activism on U.S. companies. The researchers studied all 2,000 interventions by activist hedge funds from 1994 through 2007, finding no evidence that target companies’ operating performance or stock prices suffered in the five years following the announcement of an activist fund campaign. On the contrary, the companies tended to do better after an activist fund’s intervention than during the three years beforehand.
who subscribes
  • Media companies looking for story ideas and to stay in the know when it comes to shareholder activism and activist hedge fund trends.
  • Investment Banks get alerts on new campaigns and investment trends so you can offer your services in connection with a review of strategic alternatives. Research specific hedge funds and their trading strategies.
  • Hedge funds that are looking for trade idea generation help. This includes event-driven funds and asset firms that are looking to piggyback activists or find the next activist target.
  • Law firms, proxy solicitors, equity research analysts and shareholder activism departments at big banks that are looking to find new clients or offer their services.
  • Long/short investors and individual traders review a short-seller’s record to inform your decision on whether you should take a short position yourself or take the other side. View recent campaigns to generate new short/long ideas. We also offer short squeeze rankings and analysis to help you better time your trades and avoid painful pitfalls (trend change, material events, industry trend change, new regulations, days to cover ratios).

Things we do for you

Replicate the portfolio of the best fund managers. Update on activist shorts and position analysis.

We find the best managers that are long only and we track managers that run net long.

Ad Hoc reports on newly established positions and stocks that are currently trending.

Our quarterly newsletter includes in depth research on 30 different hedge fund managers with consensus buy/sell lists.

An equity analysis of stocks they have been active in. Included are the number of filers currently increasing or decreasing their positions in a particular stock.

Analyzing the price behavior of the stocks in question. Which funds are the biggest holders and at what levels they might start liquidating their positions.

  • 13 F Stock Statistics
  • 13 F Statistics
  • Number of filers in each stock
  • Top holdings by value
  • Top holdings by filer count
  • Changes by sector
  • Largest filer increases
  • Largest decreases
  • Changes to prior quarter