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The goal of the milton newsletter is to deliver you timely trade ideas and trading themes right into your inbox. The main publication is monthly together with ad-hoc reports on important developments and new trading ideas. We are consistently monitoring the SEC database for new filings that might move a particualr stock we are tracking. Our newsletter is complemented with macro analysis to give you the big picture and a sector overview. We are on both sides of the trade which means we discover good ideas as well as bad ideas and short candidates. In recent issues we have featured the upcoming copper boom, Italian banking crisis, steel boom (U.S. embargo on China) and the ‘lithium’ trade alias Tesla…etc. All the analysis delivered in a timely fashion into your mailbox and well ahead of any major news report. “If you are reading it in the news you are already too late.”


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We go with the stocks that move and where the volatility is.


We are finding trades across all sectors not limiting ourselves to a specific one.

limit risk

We limit the risk by implementing sound money management.


We use Beta in constructing portfolios. If you want to do the same let us show you.

spread trades

We analyze possible spread trades to further limit market or sector risk.


Patience is key in achieving the best possible results.

The Institute strives to produce thoroughly analyzed investment ideas and deliver them when they are relevant. We also keep things simple which means our ideas can be understood by both parties the individual investor and the professional investor.

We present long and short investment candidates in a range of asset classes (equities, commodities, currencies) but are most of the time focused on equities. We also conduct regular analysis on interest rates, monetary policy and the credit markets.

We are scanning for the most up to date trades ideas by analyzing and keeping track of important SEC filings and unusual price behavior. It’s like a spider web and those who fall into it are selected for further research.

benjamin graham

“In the short run, the market is a voting machine but in the long run, it is a weighing machine.”

In our newsletter we are presenting different investment themes which can be either long, short or spread trades in order to neutralize sector and/or marker risk. Our monthly publication is eliminating overwhelming and noisy data. Each stock is given a score and rank. Finally we are presenting you only those investments that are of value for you.

We strive to equip our readers with the right information. Instead of talking about market fluctuations and bombarding you with a mass of useless data we are focusing on the core which means either good trade idea or bad trade idea, stable market or unstable market, good sector or bad sector. We feed you with the ideas and you pick the ones you like. Plain and simple no rocket science.

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We are contrarians by nature. Our believe is that only by doing the opposite of the crowd you can achieve outstanding results. The fact that only about 10% of investors are successful should already underpin that our statement is correct. For a down-and-out stock to offer true potential, the company must be poised for a rebound and that is where we can help. We separate wheat from the chafe to uncover profitable trade ideas.